What are the snowiest cities in Colorado?

Moving during the winter is not for the faint of heart. Especially when you need to move across or to the snow area in Colorado where you can expect slippery roads and freezing temperatures. No matter how much you like winter and things related to the activities in winter, relocation in this period can be a true challenge. But in case you get help from our long distance movers Colorado, we will take care of winter moving challenges. The only task you will need to complete is to choose where you want to move to. In case you are a mountain and snow lover, today we will remind you of the snowiest cities in Colorado. This might affect your decision and as result, you might opt for moving to one of the cities that gets the most snow. Let’s prepare you for the move and a lot of snow!

Being in close proximity to the snowiest cities in Colorado has many advantages

If you don’t need to wait up until your vacation to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, it means you are living near the mountain. But if this is not the case, you can change it forever. All you need is to keep this passion of yours in mind while looking for a place or city to move to. Being several miles away from cities in Colorado that are often covered with snow means you can have a vacation feel on the weekends. Also, after moving home with the help of our movers Denver Metro Area, proximity to the mountain means you are able to breathe fresher air compared to large cities. In addition, when it snows more often in your city or town, everything becomes more romantic and idyllic. So, let’s see where you can move to in Colorado.

Two persons sitting on the snow in one of the snowiest cities in Colorado.
Enjoying different winter sports is the pros of being close to the snowiest places in Colorado.

Regardless of the reason for your upcoming move, we will help you find out which places in Colorado get the most snow annually. Here is the list that consists snowiest places in Colorado: 

  1. Vail, a town that receives an average snowfall of nearly 189.2” each year;
  2. Crested Butte, with about 216.6” of snow each year;
  3. Silverton, with an average of 172.6” snow;
  4. Aspen, which is a cultural hub and records an average of about 170” of snow each year ;
  5. Breckenridge, as a city that ranks third in the State of Colorado for annual snowfall with an accumulation of snow of 184.6” on average;
  6. Steamboat Springs;
  7. Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne.

You should pick Vail, one of the snowiest cities in Colorado

If you used to live in large cities and looking for a change, moving to Vail can be the step you should take. Located at the base of Vail Mountain, this charming town is home to the single largest ski resort on the continent – Vail Ski Resort. This town has about 5,000 permanent residents and it has over 5,000 temporary residents. It is situated within the White River National Forest. Also, Vail is known for having three distinct mountain areas. Everyone who lives here will tell you it is a breathtaking place to visit and stay because of the mountain views. Vail has amazing places to eat and shop and it offers a luxurious lifestyle. Once you visit it, you will wish to find a home in Vail. And our movers Vail CO will help you relocate your home smoothly. So, consider moving to this snowed paradise in Colorado.

Snow-covered field with trees around
Vail is not a snow paradise only for skiers and snowboarders.

Whether you are looking for a vacation home or wish to change your life completely, Vail is a good choice. Even if you aren’t a snowboarder or skier, you’ll still have plenty of things to do in this marvelous city. Did you know that the town of Vail has 17 miles of hiking paths to explore? Also, the surrounding areas of this town have an incredible national forest. Besides, nearly is located the highest botanical garden in the world. If you are worried about the transportation system, just relax, we have great news. The town of Vail has an incredible transportation system despite the fact it is one of the snowiest cities in Colorado.

Choose Breckenridge or Frisco

Can you believe that Breckenridge has about 80 snow days per year? Its residents and luckily visitors can enjoy a bit of snow from October through May. It is funny but some locals call this town “Breckenfridge”. Breckenridge is a magnificent place rated as one of the top mounting towns in America. It is about 80 miles away from Denver, so maybe it is a good idea to move home to the Denver area. Once you decide to move your home, our Denver small movers will lend you a helping hand. With affordable and efficient relocation services, you can move your home to become close to the way to Breckenridge. Can’t imagine leaving your job in Denver? This can be an ideal solution for you, especially if you are a skier or snowboarder.

Breckenridge Ski Resort
Living not that far from Denver enables you to get quickly to the mountains.

Even closer to Denver is Frisco, with a population of 3,074 residents. The distance between Denver and Frisco is about 60 miles. Whether you can’t or can imagine living in a small place like Frisco, it is an ideal place to spend unforgettable winter days. It is one of the places in Colorado that gets the most snow. Whether you want to be closer to Frisco or move to this town, you can count on our relocation services.

Turn your life into a winter fairytale

There is no such thing as magic that comes with snowy days and their atmosphere. If you prefer snowed mount tops more than beaches, Colorado is a phenomenal state to live in. Nevertheless, not all cities in Colorado are located near places where you can expect a lot of snow. Luckily, this article helped you to keep thinking about your ideal, snowiest cities in Colorado. Whether you need to move your office or home, our commercial and residential moves Denver CO will be at your disposal. We’ll help you move home and become closer to the cities where you will enjoy the most incredible winter activities. Don’t hesitate and get help from our professionals and be a part of the winter surroundings longer that in the place where you currently live.

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