What is included in a full service relocation?

Moving is much more than just packing boxes. Once you go through a move, you will see just how much effort goes into one. That’s the reason why many people decide to hire some full service moving companies Denver. Wonder what kind of movers those are? Like we said before, a lot of services are needed in a relocation if you plan to go this route. A DIY means that you need to do all of these things yourself, which can take a lot of effort. But if you want to hire movers, you might need various services. Because of that, in this guide, we will talk about what’s included in a full service relocation.

What are some services that full service movers provide?

To say it shortly, full service movers provide everything you might need. For that reason, it is important to find some reputable movers Lakewood CO if you plan on getting various services. Some things that are included in a full service relocation are:

  • Packing
  • Item transportation
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly
  • Storage options
  • Specialty items
Picture of boxes
Packing is the best thing that you can get help with


This is by far the most tiring, time-consuming, and boring task during a move. Luckily, there is an easy way around this, hiring some packing services Denver CO. They are faster and more organized at packing than the average person. They also know the proper packing techniques that will help protect your items.

Item transportation

When you move from point A to point B, you will need your items transported. Your vehicle can do the job, but some home movers Denver can do it better. It fits more items, helping you save money on gas by just making one trip.

Putting apart and together furniture

While this can easily be done by you, sometimes there is no time for it. Complicated pieces like wardrobes take ours to be put apart, which you might not have. Movers do it faster and safer than anyone else.

Storage options

In your journey to your new home, you might need to make stops. While it won’t be a problem for people, items might give you a bit of a headache. Storage units are a great temporary home for your items, but consider the needs of your items when moving valuables. Some items require more care than others.

Specialty items are one of the services included in a full service relocation

It is not a custom for all homes to have specialty items, but many do. Anything that needs special care and skill to be moved is considered a specialty item. These items are pianos, pool tables, etc. On top of that, these items are always expensive, you movers are a must.

Picture pf a piano
Piano relocations are also included in full service moving


When thinking about the services included in a full service relocation, there likely isn’t something that movers cannot provide. Professionals that have been on the market for a long time, know how to do everything moving-related. You just need to find good movers, which might take a bit of time and dedication. Good luck!

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