What is it like to live in Littleton

In recent years, it has become a trend to move to the suburbs of bigger cities. People realized that having your own space is priceless, and suburbs offer bigger apartments and houses than the city center, some even with yards. This trend extended worldwide, and Colorado was not immune to it. Littleton is one of those suburbs, whose population rose by 0.84% annually. Now it has a population of a little over 45,000 residents. Our movers in Littleton CO have been busy, and they are eager to stay that way. If you plan on following this trend and heading for the suburbs, then you likely wonder what is it like to live in Littleton.

What is it like to live in Littleton?

Like every inhabited place on this planet, Littleton has certain pros and cons to it. You cannot avoid the bad sides, but you can try to find a balance that will make life enjoyable for you. So, get those moving quotes Denver relocation companies offer today, and try to find a balance between what services you will get done, and what you will do yourself. But in general, your question of what is it like to live in Littleton should be answered by the following.

  • Littleton is a foodie paradise
  • Beautiful nature will surround you
  • This suburb has a great location
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When considering a new place to live in, you need to find a balance

Food and beverage options are endless

If there is something specific about Littleton, it’s a large number of small family wonder shops, restaurants, and breweries. It is only a 13 square miles place, so you will have a place to eat at every corner. The food varieties are numerous, so everyone will find something to their liking here. In case you want to start your day with protein, the Bacon Social House serves some very heavy calory dense breakfasts. The Melting Pot is another local favorite located in an old library, which gives it a certain charm, even though it is a chain restaurant. For relaxing after moving with our Denver small movers, we recommend grabbing a drink at Brew Bar.

Beautiful nature is part of Littleton

The whole state of Colorado has fantastic recreational opportunities, but in Littleton, you will be minutes away from nature. Whether you want to bike, hike, or climb rocks, the Waterton Canyon Trailhead and Roxborough State Park are good choices. If you want to choose the easier route, the Platte River Trail is a good option, at least until you recover from your move with our Denver residential movers. No matter the amount of help that you get, sleepless nights are a normal occurrence when moving.

Littleton has a great location

Location is very important when moving to a suburb, and Littleton has a phenomenal location. Downtown Denver is just 20 minutes away driving, and it is also easily accessible by public transportation. It will allow you to enjoy city life and then go back to the calmer part of Denver.

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If you are wondering what is it like to live in Littleton, the answer is very clear

So, what is it like to live here?

As you can see, the answer to the question of what is it like to live in Littleton is simple – life here is fantastic! The major good side is that it has only brought us to one con, the traffic that gets heavy, especially during rush hour. But once you settle into the city, everything will be easier. We wish you good luck moving!

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