What is the average cost per pound for a long distance move

Moving long distances can be complicated and stressful. Most people who are moving for the first time feel overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done. That is why hiring professional Denver movers is the most popular option. A professional moving company will handle your relocation smoothly. There is packing, loading the truck, and shipping the items that have to be done before the move actually happens. Then, after the move, there are additional problems with unloading the heavy boxes, unpacking, and setting up the furniture. Having professional assistance will solve all of these issues. The main question most people have is how their move is charged, and what is the average cost per pound for a long distance move?

What factors affect the moving price?

If you decide to hire long distance movers Denver, you are probably wondering how will your price be calculated. There are multiple factors that are affecting the final moving estimate. If you are moving cross-country you can expect a higher price than when moving locally. Also, if you’re moving fewer items your expenses are lower. This means that there are three main factors when calculating the price of a long distance move. These are:

  • The size and weight of your items
  • The distance that needs to be crossed
  • Additional services you add
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If you think about hiring a moving company it is important to know the average cost per pound for a long distance move

Getting a free estimate online is the best way to learn about your moving costs

After all, the only way you can find out the exact price of your move is by asking for an estimate. Most moving companies will offer a free moving quote that is non-binding. However, getting an estimate will require you to do some additional work, such as an inventory of your goods. This will take some of your time. Luckily, there are ways to learn about average moving prices per pound and be more aware of what to expect when it comes to relocating long distance.

The cost of hiring full-service movers for a long distance move

When you’re preparing your moving budget, you should first decide between DIY, labor-only, and full-service movers. If you’re relocating long distance hiring a moving company may be the most convenient option to ensure the safety of your belongings. However, it is the most costly option for moving. It costs on average between 2000$ and 8000$ for 5000 pounds for a long distance move of 1000 miles. If you consider the factors that are crucial for the final price of your relocation, a longer distance will end up being more expensive. Also, if your belongings weigh more, the expenses will increase. You can calculate this by using the average cost per pound for a long distance relocation. Additionally, there are special services you might need that aren’t included in the prices, so you should ask your movers about the prices of those.

However, moving with a professional moving means that your belongings are going to be safely packed before. The shipping is also done by professionals and all of your items are insured in case something gets lost or damaged during transport. Your interstate movers Denver are going to disassemble and then assemble your furniture, too. Finally, when you arrive at your destination all you need to do is relax, while professionals will unload and unpack everything for you.

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Knowing how movers charge for full service will help you calculate the cost of your move

What is the average cost per pound for a long distance move?

The average cost per pound for a long distance relocation is between 0.50$ and 0.80$ per pound of items for relocating 1000 miles from your relocation. For example, a one-bedroom apartment weighs approximately 2000 pounds. This means that the price would be around 1200$. If your house weighs move, you can count the price by measuring the weight of your goods. The average cost for a standard 3 bedroom house is between 4000$ and 6000$. Keep in mind that it weighs about 9000 pounds to move. In addition, costs increase or decrease depending on the mileage of your relocation. Most moving companies charge by the length of your trip and the weight of your goods. The average cost for a 1200 miles move is around 4300$. If you decide on hiring a moving company, it is important to know how to prepare for movers.

Additional costs for a long distance move

A moving company will offer you special services for your long distance move to help you relocate effortlessly. However, this is going to be an additional expense. One of the most common additional services is packing and unpacking. This is probably the most complicated part of the moving process, which is why many people opt for professional packing. You should ask for a packing fee estimate from multiple moving companies to choose the best one for you. There are other useful additional services, such as lifting and carrying heavy furniture and loading them unto the moving truck. However, most of these services are charged by the hour.

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Professional movers offer additional services for a smooth move, but they will raise your price

What about insurance?

Full-value protection insurance is also going to affect your final moving price, but it is the best way to ensure the safety of your belonging. It is especially beneficial if you have high-value items. Most moving companies will offer you insurance free of cost, however, this only covers about 0.60$ per pound. This can be really low for any expensive items that get damaged or lost.

Other factors that can affect the price

Another factor that impacts the price is the time of the year of your move. During some months such as May through September, moving fees are up to 20% more expensive. This means that the average cost per pound for a long distance move will also increase. Also moving during weekends and holidays will raise your moving costs.

The average cost per pound for shipping your belongings with shipping companies

If you decide to ship your furniture on your own, it is important to know the prices. On average, shipping companies charge between 300$ and 800$ for one piece of furniture for a long distance move. Using shipping companies is a cheap option, but it is still a lot more expensive than the average cost per pound for a long distance relocation with professional residential movers Denver. If you have high-value items, such as art, shipping it cross-country can be anywhere from an extra 200$ to 1000$. This method is only cost-effective if you’re shipping a few pieces of furniture or a few moving boxes.

The cheapest option is not always the best

And that is it. Now you know the average cost per pound for a long distance move. Hopefully, it will help you prepare for your upcoming move better. Still, bear in mind that affordability should not be the main factor when choosing your movers. Reliability should always be your primary concern.

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