What is the cheapest way to relocate to Lakewood

Moving expenses often can be very high. Especially in the transition period between two homes, it can be a shock for your finances while you are still looking for a new job. You don’t have an established routine yet and there is no option to cook homemade meals, you are forced to buy meals. There are many expenses along with the transportation fees.  Therefore, we are bringing a guide for you to find the cheapest way to relocate to Lakewood yourself. Research the best movers in Denver for the best ratio of services and price.

Average moving costs

Moving can be quite expensive these days. That is why every dollar you save can be of huge help. Luckily, there are many ways to lower your Lakewood moving costs even when you are moving with the best long distance movers Colorado has to offer. Here are the average moving costs depending on the distance and size of your home without making any effort to lower the costs:

  • Studio-1 Bedroom moving locally – $501 – $985
  • 2-3 Bedroom moving locally – $966 – $1,733
  • 4-5 Bedroom moving locally – $1,941 – $2,988
  • Studio-1 Bedroom moving 250 miles – $1,123 – $2,260
  • Studio-1 Bedroom moving 2500+ miles – $1,920 – $4,272
  • 2-3 Bedroom moving 250 miles – $2,272 – $4,343
  • 2-3 Bedroom moving 2500+ miles – $4,236 – $8,546
  • 4-5 Bedroom moving 250 miles – $4,137 – $5,553
  • 4-5 Bedroom moving 2500+ miles – $9,546 – $14,107
Phone calucator and determining cheapest way to relocate to Lakewood
Calculate your budget and stick to it!

Determine your budget and find a cheap way to relocate to Lakewood

If you want to lower those moving costs, determining your budget is a very important first step. Calculate your income and decide upon a moving budget you are willing to spend. Track your expenses and see where your money is spent. Don’t just mindlessly spend it, be aware of the things you are paying for. Certain time of the year is known for being more affordable for moving. But it all depends on your needs. During the summer season demand for moving companies and transportation is the highest, therefore prices are going up as well.

A lot of students are moving out and into college. The fall season is very welcoming if you are looking for the cheapest way to relocate to Lakewood. But an additional struggle might be enrolling your kids in a new school just when the back-to-school season is starting. Choose professional movers in DTC  for a smooth moving experience during all seasons and for any distance.

Set your dates for your move to Lakewood

Moving in the winter is far less expensive than moving in the summer. With children back in school and the winter weather discouraging many people from relocating, there will be less of a need for movers, which will result in more affordable moving costs for consumers. Lakewood winters tend to be snowy and colder, but no extreme weather conditions. From November 23 to February 17, snowfall is the most expected for 2.8 months. With professional movers Lakewood CO is offering, during all four seasons safe and efficient relocation is ensured.

If you are not very flexible with choosing the moving season, be sure to pick mid-month and mind weekdays. Demand is low on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. People tend to move more during weekends. Pick mid-month dates for the best offers. Another great hack is to book in advance. Booking for the day after will certainly be more expensive than doing it weeks earlier.

Decide upon a closer location for your new home

If you have the option to choose a new city for relocation, and if you are not tied by the job or school. Vote for the location which is closer to your previous home. You might want to choose Lakewood if you are relocating from Denver. These two cities are close by and that fact will decrease transportation fees. From Denver city to Lakewood there are only 8,1 miles when traveling across US-6 W and Wadsworth Blvd which is only a 13-minute drive.  A little shorter trajectory driving 7,9 miles for 22 minutes is going by W Alameda Ave.

Hire home movers in Denver city residents to recommend efficient and worry-free transportation. Even though it sounds unusual there is a cheaper option to travel by tram or train. However, carrying moving boxes and luggage will be exhausting. And count multiple trips. A smarter option is to hire experts who will ease your packing and relocation.

yard sale
Organize yard sale and earn from things you don’t need anymore.

Tips for cheap packing for relocation to Lakewood

One word- declutter. You won’t be using everything from the previous home. During packing decide which items and furniture you want to keep. Having less stuff to relocate demands lower expenses. A way you could earn during this process is by organizing a garage sale and getting rid of everything you won’t use anymore. Big wardrobes, cabinets, furniture, and items that are still in good condition can be sold. Use the benefits of today’s social media and try selling on Facebook Marketplace. Denver residents are already selling all kinds of things. Do a little research and join Facebook groups or Second-Hand sales on Facebook Marketplace.

Get help from friends and family. Save yourself some time. The more hands the better and faster the job is done. Suitcases and garbage bags could also be used for packing. Use suitcases and passenger bags you already have at home. In big garbage bags, a lot can fit and they are very affordable. Cardboard boxes are very convenient, but they can easily exceed your moving budget. There are many ways to gather boxes for free. Some recommendations where you can get free boxes for packing in the Colorado area are:

  • Nextdoor app
  • Craigslist Denver
  • workplace or office
  • supermarkets and pharmacies
  • bookstores
  • neighbors
stash of used cardboard boxes
Finding free cardboard boxes is part of planning the cheapest way to relocate to Lakewood.

The cheapest way to relocate to Lakewood- conclusion

Moving costs are frequently very significant. Along with transportation, there are many other expenses. We are offering you a relocation guide for the cheapest way to relocate to Lakewood. Determining how much you are willing to spend on a moving budget is the first and most crucial step. Get a free moving quote for the estimated costs of your relocation. Some tip you should implement is choosing a closer location for your new home. Also, you should research carefully the advantages and disadvantages of every season for relocation. Decide based on your individual needs and preferences. To keep your move budget friendly declutter your current home and sell items and furniture you don’t want to take with you to your new home. Lastly, employ your friends and family to help you with the packing process! There really are cheaper ways to relocate.

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