What to do the first week after moving from Lakewood to Aurora

You just moved and want to get to know your surroundings? Then it’s best to get to know everything one step at a time, especially if you want to be efficient after moving from Lakewood to Aurora. And in order to be as efficient as the Home Grown Moving Company Colorado we made a small list of suggestions. You can do some or all of this in one week and truly get to know what to expect from Aurora. Here are some of the things to know after you complete your relocation to Aurora.

Make your house a home

Obviously, the first week after any move can be stressful. For that reason, one of the first steps is to feel at home truly. Even if a relocation from Lakewood to Aurora is only about 20 miles, it still changes a lot in your lifestyle. For that reason, after the movers Lakewood CO assist you, make sure to decorate your home and organize it in a way where you’re happy with what you see. Creating a welcoming home for you or your family needs to be a priority as it can make all the difference in the level of happiness. And getting to know Aurora will be much easier knowing that you have a base to come back to at any time.

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Make sure to feel at home first

Get to know your surroundings and how life is in Aurora

After you’ve settled in, it’s time to do some exploration. And as the third largest city in Colorado, there will be a lot of checking out to do. That’s why it’s ok if you limit yourself to the basics of your neighborhood in the first days. You can expect the neighbors to be as friendly as the movers Aurora CO, but also supportive in helping you get around as quickly as possible. Making those connections will be invaluable and provide a lot of support right from the start. Depending on your neighborhood, make sure to find out where your nearest parks, gas stations, convenience stores, and other necessities are. After that, life will be much easier in Aurora. It will overall be very quiet and easygoing, especially as there’s not much nightlife and not much excitement overall.

Finding a job and exploring the market will be one of your number one priorities

Aurora has an unemployment rate of around 7.6%, which is higher than the US average of 6%. However, you don’t have to worry as much as there are plenty of opportunities available for you, especially in the industries like aerospace, healthcare, transportation, and energy. And with big employers like Raytheon, UCHealth, Aurora Public Schools, and the City of Aurora, there’s not much to worry about. Projections are that the Aurora job market will continue growing for years to come. And what about salary? The average salary in Aurora is around $52,000. The worst-paying jobs are in personal care, with just under $15,000, while the best-paying jobs are in math and computer science, with around $70,000.

Be it that you have kids or are a student, explore your educational options in the area

When relocating, you need to look at the basics. And education is truly one of the things that you absolutely need to check out about a place. One of the benefits of Aurora is that it’s close to Denver, too, so you can make the best of it if you’re a college student. But what to expect in the city itself? It will be hard finding proper world-class education in Aurora itself. However, it has 116 schools, of which 98 are public. If you have kids, you won’t have problems finding a good school up to high school. But when it comes to higher education, you will probably need to look towards Denver and elsewhere to really be happy with your choice of higher education.

A little girl holding a banner with numbers on it
Educational options are plenty, but the higher the education, the tougher it is to find

What are some of the places where you can relax and unwind after moving from Lakewood to Aurora?

Aurora is a very quiet city. With around 300,000 residents, it has enough to offer for it to lead a stress-free life. There are plenty of places where you can relax and unwind. For example, a fun thing to do after the Denver residential movers assist you with the relocation is to check out its shopping malls. Some of the best are Southlands and Stanley Marketplace, but also there are other shopping options. Worthwhile your time will also be breweries like the Launch Pad Brewery and other restaurants and bars where you can relax.

What type of nightlife and entertainment can you expect after the relocation?

How about the nightlife and entertainment that Aurora has to offer? That’s unfortunately very limited, and you can’t expect to really go party and have a wild night out. However, there are still some things worth checking out. For example, The Vintage Theater and The Aurora Fox are theaters that will offer you a quality night out if you’re into plays and enjoy the arts. The Movie Tavern is also a good choice if you want to check out a movie with your friends or family. You can always scramble up some fun and entertainment, but Aurora is very limited when it comes to it.

Explore the outdoors in Aurora, and you’ll have a lot to check out

On the other hand, Aurora has beautiful places to relax when it comes to the outdoors. From parks in the city itself to nature on the outskirts of it, there will be plenty you’ll be able to enjoy. One of the major places to visit is Cherry Creek State Park, as it offers plenty of space. Within the city, the Aurora Reservoir is a beautiful body of water worth checking out. And if you want to mix history and outdoor areas, we recommend Plains Conservation Center and The Colorado Freedom Memorial. On top of that, there are some amazing parks. Here are some of them, including:

  • Horshoe Park
  • Rockey Ridge Park
  • Mission Viejo Park
  • City Center Park
People enjoying a sunny day at the park
Moving from Lakewood to Aurora means that you’ll have plenty of open spaces to enjoy

You will surely like Aurora

Every city brings with it some benefits and downsides. However, how you feel about an area will always depend on your personal preferences. For that reason, it will be crucial after moving from Lakewood to Aurora to check out what is in store for you. From what opportunities await to what you can do to relax, we’re sure Aurora will have all that you need to feel happy and satisfied. For other information about Colorado and moving in general, check out the rest of our blog.





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