What to do the first week after moving to Westminster, CO

Moving to a new home is always a big moment in a person’s life. It is a chance to start anew, and this is even more apparent when you move to another town or a city. As it is such an important moment, it is sometimes easy to get lost in it and to forget about the important things that need to be done around the actual moving part of your relocation. Most of the time, people talk about all the pre-move things that you should do, such as hiring full service moving companies Denver offers, but not many people talk about the post-move tasks. That is why we have made this shortlist of the key things that you should do during the first week after moving to Westminster, CO, or (anywhere else). So, let us begin. 

Check all the boxes

Practically the first thing that you need to do right after you come to your new home is to start inspecting all the boxes. Hopefully, you have created a quality inventory list, because it will be very useful here. If something has gotten lost or damaged, the sooner you realize it, the greater the chances to fix it. This is especially important as not every moving company is as forthcoming as Westminster CO movers, and those other companies may get dodgy if you do not confront them right away, but at a later date. 

people checking out the boxes in a room
Check if all of your belongings have arrived safely

Unpack during the first week after moving

The natural following (and overlapping) step after checking all the boxes is to start unpacking. Whether you are relocating to Denver or somewhere else, this is really important. It is a proven fact that many people, if they postpone this step, tend to postpone it even further. So, start unpacking right away.

How to unpack properly

If you have a lot of belongings, give yourself daily goals to hit. Whether you will unpack one room per day, or more or less, it is important to do it during the first week after moving. Once you unpack, you will settle into your new home much more quickly. Of course, if you hired professional packing services CO, unpacking will be much easier.

a child crying first week after moving
Childproofing your new home is super important, so be quick about it

Make your home safe for your children

Moving to a new home can be challenging in many ways, even for adults. However, it is more challenging for kids in many ways. One of them is the unknown layout of the new home. This can be especially tricky for smaller kids. That is why it is important to childproof your home (and/or babyproof) as soon as possible. Start identifying the potential hazards for them as soon as you can make the time. First, start at their room and then move on from there. Prioritize the parts of the home where they will spend the most time and the paths between them. Once you are done with this, you can start settling in your new home for real. 

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