What to expect when moving from Parker to Broomfield

Are you moving from Parker to Broomfield? If so, you might experience stress while packing, arranging, and moving your belongings. Fortunately, many professional moving companies Denver CO can help ease the burden of moving. This article will examine and clarify some of the main differences between Parker and Broomfield. Thanks to this article, you will be prepared for any changes that may arise after moving into your new home.

Overview of the most important things to consider when moving from Parker to Broomfield

Relocating from Parker to Broomfield can be an exciting experience, but it also requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some of the most important things that we will examine in this article:

  1. Location and demographics 
  2. Housing 
  3. Cost of living 
  4. Employment 
  5. Recreation and entertainment 
Finding a house for sale
When moving from Parker to Broomfield, one of the first things you should do is look for a good location


Location and demographics

Despite being part of the Denver metropolitan area, Parker and Broomfield have distinct geographic and racial characteristics. Parker is a suburb southeast of Denver with a population of about 57,000. Broomfield, on the other hand, is located northwest of Denver and has a larger population of approximately 70,000 people.

While Parker is known for its open spaces, parks, and trails, Broomfield has a more urban feel, with many shopping and dining options. Compared to Parker, Broomfield’s population is more diverse and has a higher proportion of people who identify as Hispanic or Latino.

How these differences may impact your experience when relocating from Parker to Broomfield

When moving to Broomfield, you may notice a difference in pace and lifestyle compared to Parker. The diverse population and more urban environment may present fresh opportunities for social and cultural experiences. Also, Broomfield’s proximity to main highways and public transportation may make it simpler to reach other Denver metro areas. If you need help with your move, movers Parker CO can assist you.


Parker’s housing market is primarily composed of single-family homes, with a mix of newer developments and older neighborhoods. The market in Parker is considered to be reasonably competitive, with a median home value of about $665K. Even though new developments are being built, there aren’t a lot of housing options available, particularly for more affordable options. According to RentCafe, the average rent for an apartment in Parker is $1,971.

The housing market in Broomfield is more diverse, offering everything from smaller single-family homes to larger apartments and townhomes. Broomfield’s median home value is roughly $549.9K, which is less than Parker’s median. Moreover, Broomfield’s housing market is considered to be more stable than Parker’s, and there are more housing options there. The average rent for an apartment in Broomfield is $2,016.

a nice house
Find a perfect house in Broomfield

Cost of living

The cost of living in Broomfield is slightly higher than in Parker. According to recent data, the cost of living in Broomfield is about 11% higher than the national average, while Parker’s cost of living is about 8% higher.  That is primarily caused by factors like taxes, housing, transportation, and health care. Although the public transportation system in Broomfield is more extensive, the cost of both transportation and healthcare may be higher. Planning and budgeting for potential changes in the cost of living are extremely important. Working with reputable movers in Broomfield can also make the transition easier and more affordable.

How to adjust to potential changes in the cost of living

Start by exploring Broomfield’s cost of living and compare it with your Parker-based expenses. You may need to adjust your spending habits, such as eating out less or finding more affordable entertainment options. Find additional ways to reduce transportation expenses, such as by taking public transportation or carpooling. To save money on groceries and household essentials, think about shopping at discount stores or purchasing items in bulk. Finally, when developing your budget, be sure to account for any changes in taxes or healthcare costs. You can successfully manage the cost of living in Broomfield and take advantage of everything the city has to offer by carefully planning and making adjustments.


When comparing the job markets and opportunities in Parker and Broomfield, it’s important to note that both areas have thriving economies with many employment options. Parker is known for its thriving restaurant and retail sectors, as well as its technology and healthcare industries, which are expanding quickly. Broomfield, on the other hand, is home to many large corporations and tech companies, such as Oracle, Vail Resorts, and Level 3 Communications.

Woman on a job interview
Don’t be afraid of job interviews.

In terms of overall job availability and opportunities, Broomfield may have a slight advantage due to its proximity to the larger metropolitan area of Denver. However, Parker is a desirable option for job seekers as well due to its expanding economy and convenient location.

It’s important to research job opportunities in your field and network with local professionals to help secure employment. Working with reliable long distance movers Colorado has to offer can also help make your move more efficient, allowing you to focus on your job search.

Recreation and entertainment

Both areas offer a diverse range of activities for residents and visitors alike. The Cherry Creek Trail and the Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space are just two of the city of Parker’s breathtaking parks and trails that welcome picnicking, hiking, and biking. Also, Parker has a large number of restaurants, breweries, and shopping malls, offering a variety of entertainment options.

Broomfield provides a range of outdoor recreational opportunities, such as golf courses, parks, and hiking trails. Additional entertainment options, such as sporting events and concerts, can be found at the Flatiron Crossing Mall and the nearby 1st Bank Center.

Plan your move and you will enjoy it

In conclusion, moving from Parker to Broomfield can be an exciting and challenging experience, but with proper planning and consideration, you can make the transition smoother. We hope that this article has provided valuable insights into what to expect when relocating to the city of Broomfield. Thank you for reading, and please let us know if we have missed something. Good luck with your move!





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