What to know when moving to Littleton

Are you thinking about moving to Denver? Or somewhere very close to Denver? Have you considered Littleton, a hidden gem only a 20-minute drive from Denver?  Although located only a short distance outside of Denver, Littleton feels like another world completely different from Denver’s big-city vibes. Littleton is a city with a history that goes back to the 1859 Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Notably, the gold-seekers, merchants, and farmers streamed to the community for a good reason. Once a city with positive vibes stays a city with good vibes to the present day. Nowadays? Here is what to know when moving to Littleton.

What to expect in Littleton, nowadays?

Gold? Certainly, not gold in the form it used to be back in the old days. What has changed in Littleton after the Gold Rush and what to know when moving to Littleton? Without any delay, we at Homegrown Moving and Storage Company did a little research about the topic, and here is what we have found out so far.

Littleton is an outdoor lover’s paradise

A suburb with many opportunities

Littleton is a unique suburb in Colorado community with a historic downtown and plenty of things to do all year long.  Littleton’s historic downtown is a destination by itself. As can be seen, it offers a galore of art galleries, boutique shops, antique shops, specialty shops, and restaurants. It has its art center and an epic beer bar, a wine bar, and an outstanding place called Chocolate Therapist nearby. Also, there is Littleton Museum downtown showcasing the town’s history and culture. The museum exhibits its  1860s-working farm to show how people lived and worked on a homestead in the early years of Littleton.

Out and about

The view of the mountains from the town is amazing. The mountains are so close and so inviting. As a result, it is no wonder Littleton is an outdoor enthusiast’s heaven.  There is no shortage of hiking, biking, and exploring wildlife around and about Littleton. Visit South Platte Park to hike and learn more about local wildlife at Carson Nature Center. Further, if you set out for Chatfield State Park you can go horse riding, camping, fishing, and kayaking. There are geological wonders at Roxborough State Park, where you can explore red rock formations. Hiking and biking across Denver on the High Line Canal Trail, is an excellent weekend outdoor fun for nature lovers. One of Littleton citizens’ favorite pastime activities is golf. Littleton offers many golf clubs as big as 70-72 courses designed for golfers of all skill levels and ages.

What else to know when moving to Littleton – Family-friendly

The small Denver suburb, Littleton is consistently ranked one of the best and safest places to live in the country. Families have been moving to Littleton for generations. It is a great place to raise a family. In the light of education, Littleton is top-notch. Littleton Public Schools has had Colorado’s highest academic rating seven years in a row and is listed among the Top 20 in the nation for safety and security.

Things you should know when moving to Littleton
Littleton, family-friendly community

As far as kids’ entertainment is concerned, there is nothing to worry about. Littleton is home to numerous kid-friendly attractions. There is  Sterne Park‘s spacious playground and picnic area. At Robert Clement Park your kids can hit the skate park, splash pads, volleyball courts, and more. Or you can take your kids out for a round of golf at Colorado Journey Miniature Golf. Surely, this is one community you’ll enjoy with your family. The best thing is that there are some great residential movers Denver that can help you relocate here fast.


The average high temperatures in the state of Colorado are between 78°F (25.6°C) to 94°F (34.4°C). Summer nights have comfortable temperatures of 45°F (7.2°C) to 60°F (15.6°C). This is considered a mild climate. Winters are also mild. Thus, you can have a perfect skiing season in the winter and excellent conditions for hiking, biking, and fishing during the warmer months.

Real estate in high demand

It should be noted that homes in Littleton can be expensive. Good living conditions and the fact that the Denver area is among more popular places to live in the U.S. have made Littleton’s real estate market stand out with the third-highest average sale price among comparable cities. To put it more simply, purchasing a home in Littleton can be a smart investment. According to real estate websites, the median sales price for a property in Littleton has grown to over $400,000. On the other side rent for a one-bedroom apartment, is less than $1,000.  What a bargain compared to the rental market in the city of Denver. Before a great deal, you need to carry out your move, have you looked into moving companies Littleton CO yet?

Littleton arts and culture

Littleton may be a small town but it has a huge cultural scene. The Depot Art Gallery, a restored old train station, is a top art place in the city. It includes regular art exhibits, workshops, programs, and art classes – all with free admission. Another community cultural symbol is the Town Hall Arts Center.  What was once  Littleton’s first City Hall is now a cultural center, live theater, and art gallery.

Littleton local festivals

The event calendar in Littleton is as busy as a beehive. Are you a festival lover? Surely, there are plenty of festivals in Littleton to choose from. The best known are  Western Welcome Week, which includes a parade, family-friendly entertainment, a pancake breakfast, a craft fair, a stick horse stampede, and more. Summerset Festival is a well-known event with craft beer tastings, vintage car shows, and live entertainment. Don’t miss the Hudson Gardens event calendar, hosting events like the Summer Concert Series and A Hudson Christmas. Make sure not to skip the Colorado Irish Festival, a July event that celebrates Irish music, food, and fun.

Roxborough State Park -red sandstone rock formations
Enjoy the surrounding nature in Littleton


All in all, living in Littleton is an excellent choice, well justified by its small-town, feel-good, calm atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings while at the same time packed with a buzzing downtown life. Need more information on what to know when moving to Littleton? Apart from reading the official city’s website, don’t forget to check out some real-life comments and  Littleton reviews. And if you are planning to move here soon, make sure that you find moving services Denver that you can trust

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