What to leave behind when moving to another state

When we think about moving we all know that it also involves packing. Packing can be difficult sometimes because people have some much stuff in their homes. And a big percentage of those things we don’t use. There are things we should leave behind when moving to another state. Another interesting fact is that the more you have and bring with you, the more you will pay. When moving interstate, the weight of your stuff matters. You will pay more. So, are you going to bring all your stuff with you? We will help you go threw this and explain what are the things you should leave behind. Before that, we must mention that movers should be involved in the process of moving and packing. Home Grown Moving Company is a company that you will need if you are moving to Colorado.

Go through your stuff in order to decide what to leave behind when moving to another state

You need to go threw your stuff before packing. You need to sort them out. Your whole family should be involved. You can’t know what is important for your lifetime partner. You don’t want to throw away things that maybe they are still using. This will make them nervous and it is a possible reason for an argument. So, include everybody. Prioritize things! If you have some things that you can’t find in a new town or a city where you are moving, and you bring them with you, don’t leave them out. For things that can be bought in a new location where you are going to live, you can reconsider leaving them behind. After you finish sorting remember to include packing services Denver CO.

Woman sorting things that she is going to leave behind when moving to another state
Sort all things that you don’t need anymore


We all have clothes. And we all have things that we don’t wear anymore. The reasons for that can be different. Maybe we got a few pounds, or we lost a few pounds. Maybe your kids outgrew them. Some kids grow fast! And people, women especially, have things that they bought, wore once, and forgot about them. People also buy clothes as presents. And sometimes people don’t take the right size. Whatever the reason is, don’t bring things that you don’t use anymore. You can throw them away or donate them. You can even sell them. Second hands shops will gladly take stuff that is in a good shape. You can earn money! Interstate moving companies Denver can calculate how much is moving going to cost when you get rid of unnecessary stuff. You will see that weight is important.

Clothes on hangers
Donate clothes that you don’t use anymore

Bulky items

When we say bulky things we mean on:

  • Old electronics – We see how fast is world progressing. Especially electronics. You need to ask yourself if it may be a time to buy new technology and leave the old behind. You can sell it too.
  • Vehicle – It can cost a lot of money to move things that are heavy and bulky. If your car is really old, you should consider changing it when you relocate. And this is also a thing you can sell.
  • Old furniture – Maybe your old furniture won’t fit in your new home. You can sell them. Really old furniture from the 19th century or even older can be sold for a huge amount of money.
  • Kitchen – Custom-made kitchens are something that you are going to leave behind. It won’t fit your new place.

We all must mention that all about this you can talk with apartment movers Denver. They are reputable movers that are going to guide you through the process.


Important documents must always go with you. Contracts, insurance, marriage license, family birth certificates, and financial records. If you lose them or leave them behind you will lose a lot of time waiting in lines to get new ones. When you pile the papers that you don’t need anymore, you will be surprised at how much they weigh. Sometimes 30 pounds or more. Over years we pile a lot of unnecessary garbage. You can ask Denver residential movers if they can arrange for you with another company to come and take the garbage away. Paper can be recycled and you can earn money.

Books and papers
Get rid of unnecessary papers

Bathroom items

Chemicals that we use for the bathroom are cheap and if they get spilled during the process it can be a problem. It can ruin your belongings. We need to think about bringing them with us. Maybe the best option for things like that is to throw them away. Remember that these are chemicals, and they must be disposed of correctly. They can harm the environment and cause potential problems.

Garage junk

If you are moving from house to apartment, most of your garage stuff will be unnecessary. Most apartments don’t have garages. Your tools for cutting grass, or trimming grass aren’t necessary anymore. You can sell them or give them to somebody. If you also have insect killer, fertilizer, and other potentially dangerous chemicals, make sure you dispose of them safely. These are the things you should leave behind when moving to another state.


Your new house may be going to need new things. For example, the current refrigerator or washer/dryer combination won’t fit in your new house. If your bathroom is smaller than your old one and your washing machine is huge, you maybe need to think about replacing them. These things are heavy and take up a lot of space in a truck. Consider selling them or recycling them! If you are relocating to Wheat Ridge, contact moving companies in Wheat Ridge for extra information about moving.

To Sum Up

There are a lot of things that you should leave behind when moving to another state. Bringing them will only raise the amount of money you need for moving. Every mover will tell you that. You need to sort them out and make a plan for packing. Include your whole family when sorting things. Be careful not to leave important things. Especially when you are sorting things like papers. It will take time, but go threw every paper!

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