What to unpack first after moving to Lakewood

Moving is a very stressful process that takes a lot of time and commitment. If you want your move to Lakewood to run smoothly you need several essential things. The first and the most important one is to hire some of the most reliable moving companies Denver offers. The second one is to have a good plan. Equally important is having a list of things to unpack first after moving to Lakewood. You may think that packing for a move and going through the moving day is the hardest part, and you’re not entirely wrong. However, that’s not when the relocation process ends. Check out some tips to help you settle in your new home the first day after the move.

The things you will need to unpack first after moving to Lakewood

The list of things you want to unpack immediately after your relocation to Lakewood is not too long. You can pack all of these items in a separate box (or several boxes) and label them so you know they are the ones to unpack first after a successful moving day with moving services Denver companies provide. Here’s what you want to focus on:

  • some basic cleaning supplies
  • sheets and bedding
  • kitchen basics
  • bathroom essentials
  • your kids’ and/or pets’ necessities
Don’t forget to pack everything for a cozy first night in your new Lakewood home.

Cleaning supplies

Although most movers Lakewood CO offers (or any other, for that matter) don’t move chemicals of any kind, including cleaning supplies, you will need some on your first day in your new home. Putting some basic cleaning supplies in a plastic bin such as a sponge, cleaning detergent, and a duster among other things, is a good start. You can take that bin with you in the car. That will work out for the best if you arrive in your new Lakewood home before the movers. You will have just enough time to do a quick clean to get rid of any surface dust or dirt if the place has been vacated for a long time.

Sheets and bedding

Of course, one of the first items you’ll need after moving to Lakewood is your sheets and bedding. After a long day of packing and moving, all you need is your cozy bed and to get a good night’s sleep. You want to do all your laundry and pack clean clothes before your movers from interstate moving companies Denver offers arrive.  However, if you don’t manage to do all your laundry, at least make sure to have a clean set of sheets for your first night in your new Lakewood home. While it is highly unlikely that you will unpack your complete bedroom on the day of your move, you will need your bed. So, in addition to packing a clean set of sheets, be prepared to reassemble the bed frame and know where your pillows and blankets are.

Kitchen essentials are among the first things to unpack when you move to Lakewood

Obviously, the first items you will need in your new kitchen are the appliances such as the fridge and the stove, or the microwave. After setting them up, you will need to unpack your utensils, plates, and glasses. With those unpacked in your kitchen cabinets, you will have everything you need for a basic meal.  Having a labeled box will turn out handy in this case. You can also tell your movers to load the boxes you’ll unpack first, last. If you are using packing services Denver CO has at its disposal, make sure to ask your movers packers to pack a separate box of kitchen essentials for you to unpack right after the move.

pots and pans are among the things you want to unpack first after moving to Lakewood
Setting up the basics in the kitchen is crucial right after you move.

Bathroom essentials

Along with clean sheets, kitchen basics, and some essential cleaning supplies, what you will find most useful on your first day in your new home are the bathroom items you use on a daily basis. Things as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, and toilet paper. Also, don’t forget shampoo if you wash your hair every day (and a blowdryer). Of course, you want to pack these items in a separate box or plastic bin as well. It’s best to keep all the essentials you will unpack first once you move to your Lakewood home with you in the car.

Your kids’ and/or pets’ necessities

If you have children or pets, you need to keep them in mind when planning what you’ll need right after your relocation. Packing an “essentials” bag for them, too is crucial. You don’t want to arrive at your new home and not have basic necessities for your little ones or your furry friends. When it comes to your pets, you need their food bowls, food, favorite toy and to set up a litter box. As for kids, the list is a bit longer. If you have a baby or a toddler, you will need their nappies, binkies, blankets, and favorite toys. You also need their crib or bed, clean sheets, and pillows. In fact, the very first thing you should set up in your new home is your kids’ room.

teddy bear
Your kids’ belongings are the things you want to unpack first after moving to Lakewood.

You will love living in Lakewood after a seamless relocation with moving experts

Now that you know what to unpack first after moving to Lakewood, let’s see what’s so great about this place. Lakewood Colorado is the most populous municipality in Jefferson County. It has over 150,000 residents and is just 15 minutes away from downtown Denver. This is one of the most appealing things about the city. Of, course, there are many more. You will love living in Lakewood, whether you are seeking employment, higher education, or schools for your children. The city is home to excellent schools and colleges. The climate is pleasant with mild winters and averagely hot summers. And, let’s not forget about the beer! If you are a beer lover, Denver and Lakewood will blow your mind. The area is home to world-renowned breweries and is a true beer lovers’ haven. Welcome to Lakewood!

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