What will change after you move from Arvada to Parker

It’s time to start over after you made a decision and relocated to Parker from Arvada. You may find it challenging to adjust to a new lifestyle, new routines, and the fact that not all of your friends and relatives are in the same location. However, you don’t need to be afraid or concerned about that; all you need to do is get acquainted with your new environment and accept your new way of life. Naturally, the first step is planning a relocation and moving all of your belongings. Fortunately, there are numerous moving companies Denver can offer that will make at least this step easier for you. The following step is to settle in and get familiar with your new environment. And we will do our best to give you a hint about what will change after you move from Arvada to Parker.

The changes you can expect after you move from Arvada to Parker

While a local relocation won’t cause a huge change like a move to a new climate, there will be subtle differences. It will take you roughly 40 minutes to travel the 30 miles between Parker and Arvada. Arvada has 120,000 people living in it, while Parker has 60,000 people living there. As one might anticipate, the former is a more urbanized area than the latter, which has a larger city. Nevertheless, picking Parker, CO for your next residence is a great choice that will allow you to reap multiple benefits.  Here are some of the changes and benefits of moving there that you might experience:

  • A higher income
  • Better schools
  • More opportunities for outdoor activities
  • Livelier culture scene
new home sign after the move from Arvada to Parker
Picking Parker, CO for your next residence is a great choice. Your move from Arvada to Parker will have you reap multiple benefits.

A higher income than in Arvada

It would make sense for the salary to be lower since you are moving to the suburbs, but that is not the case here. Compared to Arvada’s $92,000 average household income, Parker’s has $115,000. Both are greater than the $64,000 national average, but the average income in Parker is much higher than in Arvada. However, high salaries are also accompanied by higher living expenses, so you can anticipate paying extra for a house, though only by about 2%. The good news is that you can at least save some money by hiring some affordable movers Parker CO has to offer to help you relocate your belongings from Arvada.

The schools have better ratings in Parker

Parker’s educational system is possibly its strongest point. The renowned Chaparral, Legend, and Ponderosa high schools stand proudly at the top of this area, which is a part of the Douglas County School District RE-1. Lutheran High School and Southeast Christian School are two examples of several private schools that have prospered as well.

You can enroll your children in Regis Jesuit High School and Valor Christian High School, two of the best private schools in the state of Colorado if you don’t mind traveling a few miles outside of Parker. There will be a lot of options available to you when selecting a school for your children.

Parker’s outstanding nature

Parker is located at a height of more than 5,800 feet, greater than Denver and its surroundings by about 600 feet. Some parts of the city are even above 6,000 feet! The greatest views are found at high altitudes. You will be able to take in the breathtaking landscapes of the entire Denver Metro Area, the Foothills, and even some of the Rocky Mountains once your Denver residential movers drop off your belongings at your new home. There are some days when you can even see the Continental Divide as an extra treat. It is a fairly stunning sight to behold because this is what essentially divides the entire country into the east and west. Parker is unbeatable when it comes to the views. This is something that is not difficult to adjust to after you relocate from anywhere.

mountain top in the clouds
Parker is located at a height of more than 5,800 feet, greater than Denver and its surroundings by about 600 feet

The best parks in Parker, CO

Parker also has a large number of parks available. And the list is pretty lengthy! There are over 250 acres of parks. Parker is a fantastic option for someone who values freedom, a beautiful view, and the outdoors. Here are some of the most famous parks that you should definitely check when you move from Arvada to Parker:

  • Tallman Meadow Park
  • Rueter-Hess Reservoir
  • Discovery Park
  • Auburn Hills Community Park
  • O’Brien Park

Culture, art, and fitness

Parker is excellent for those who enjoy sports as well as having a full social life. You will meet a lot of fascinating new individuals there. Parker is certainly enjoyable despite its small-town atmosphere. In addition to the majority of the well-known restaurant chains, Parker also has a few locally owned eateries that are at least equally good. The Parker Arts, Culture, and Events Center, however, is without a doubt the city’s crown jewel. Numerous performances, concerts, gatherings, lectures, and even weddings are held in this opulent structure. Additionally, there is the Vehicle Vault if that wasn’t enough. This place is home to a collection of vintage automobiles. Its collection has worldwide recognition. There are always events to attend because they regularly organize numerous equestrian competitions.

people looking at vintage cars
Vehicle Vault is home to a collection of vintage automobiles

Live a healthy life in Parker, CO

You’ll be happy to know that Life Time Fitness selected Parker as the top fitness facility in Colorado if you’re into fitness. The Parker Recreation Center and the Parker Fieldhouse are the two main locations. They total more than 130,000 square feet and include a gymnasium, all the necessary exercise equipment, and even an inline hockey rink! If you can’t wait to enjoy those facilities, seek the assistance of some good moving companies Arvada has to offer and relocate here today!

Relocating to Parker from Arvada will help you change your life for the better

It is very difficult to decide to move from Arvada to Parker. But you will realize straight away how beautiful everything is and how much fun you may have here. You will quickly become sure that you made the right choice once you realize the variety of activities available in Parker whether you enjoy great drinks, the outdoors, hiking, art, or sports. 

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