What you can do to help out your movers

Moving is without a doubt an extremely stressful ordeal. Not only do people worry about changing their surroundings and how they will adjust, but also about the logistics part of the move itself. Some opt to handle everything themselves. However, most people decide on hiring professional movers to do the job. Their expertise gained through experience will make your move that much less stressful. Having a helping hand on the day of the move is invaluable. The movers Denver metro area has to offer are some of the best in the business. Although the movers will be doing most of the work, there are still a couple of things you can do to help out your movers. Keep on reading to find out how you can help them help you.

Pre-move preparations to help out your moving company

The extent of preparation you will have to do depends on the service you book. It is going to be a completely different process if you book a full service which includes both transportation and packing or if you do the packing on your own. Some moving companies even offer partial packing services. This comes in handy when for whatever reason you can’t finish packing until the moving day, but you have already completed a great deal of it. Then the moving crew can jump in and finish it off.


On whichever packing method you decide, decluttering your home is a must. Our homes accumulate a surprising amount of things and items that have no purpose whatsoever. They are just sitting around taking up space in your home and collecting dust. This is why it’s a great idea to go through your belongings and sort out the things that no longer serve you. In this way, you will minimize the number of things to pack. You do not want to waste both your and your movers’ time by packing and moving belongings that you will throw out shortly after the move. Downsizing your home will also lower the price of the move and help out your movers.

girl carrying boxes
Decluttering is a good start

Keeping an inventory

While you are decluttering, you can start to make a list with all the furniture and items that you deem problematic to pack or simply require a bit more attention. Moreover, keeping lists is useful after the move to check if everything has arrived. Your movers will appreciate greatly the information you give them, so don’t hold back at all.

Packing to help out your movers

If you are handling the packing yourself, there are a few tips to follow. Don’t start packing the day before the moving day. You simply won’t be able to do it in time and your movers are expecting to complete a job in a certain amount of time. Be mindful of their time as they have a schedule they are following. That’s why it’s best to start packing a couple of weeks in advance even.

Proper packing

Leaving things in cupboards and wardrobes is something to steer clear of. Not only will they be incredibly heavy to lift and move, they can also pose a dangerous situation. Imagine the contents of a shelf spilling as it’s being moved. You want to avoid this at all costs, so just empty your storage spaces before moving them.

Another thing is to acquire sturdy moving boxes. There’s nothing worse than finding out your belongings suffered consequences from the move. Furthermore, you would be putting your movers in an awkward spot as they might feel responsible for damaging your items.

Labeling the moving boxes is a great idea, especially if there is something fragile inside. That way the movers will know exactly how to handle what’s inside the box. What is more, you may consider labeling the boxes with the names of the rooms. This would make the unloading process incredibly efficient and you wouldn’t have to move the boxes around your new home once the movers leave.

a girl with moving boxes
Proper packing can go a long way if you want to help out your movers

Booking packing services

If your budget allows it, booking packing services Denver will help you immensely. However, when doing so, it is best to hire the same company to do the packing and the actual moving. If the same people are handling both processes, it will be easier to organize the whole move and complete it without any scheduling problems.

Being present

Being present when the movers show up to do their job is a given. You should be there to answer any of their questions and to point them when it comes to certain things. That doesn’t mean you should try to tell them how to do their job though. They are trained professionals and your well-meant advice could be taken as an insult or a doubt in their capabilities. Just make yourself at disposal and let your movers Aurora CO work their magic.

Making sure everything is accessible

If the parking spaces near your residence are usually occupied, you could try reserving a parking space for your moving day. The movers should be able to park their truck as close to your home as possible. Otherwise, every trip to the truck would take a long time and your movers will get tired more easily carrying boxes for extended periods of time. Additionally, you should make sure that the elevator is working, in case your apartment is located on a higher floor.

Provide to help out your moving company

woman drinking water
Hydrate your moving crew

Moving can take a lot of time, in some cases it can take up a whole day. Your movers will much appreciate it if you provide refreshments throughout the day. Water and some snacks can go a long way when people become tired and start losing momentum. If you are satisfied with your moving crew and think the job is well-done, don’t hesitate to tip your movers accordingly. This will show that you appreciate their work and it will definitely help out your movers in the long run.

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