Where Are Denver Residents Moving To

The pandemic of 2020 has changed many parts of our lives. Some are obvious, while others are not thought about often. It seems like forever, people have been leaving the rural area in favor of big cities. But now it’s reversed – metropolitan areas are slowly losing population, or people stay within the same city, but choose the suburbs. The reasons are obvious – social distancing, rising prices, and the desire to be more self-sufficient. Whatever you are pursuing, our full service moving companies Denver can help you achieve it. But just out of curiosity, where are Denver residents moving to?

All the popular places are less than 75 miles away

Since Colorado has been slowly gaining people, at 0.49% per year, it means that people are not leaving the state, just certain cities. The three most popular places where are Denver residents moving to are:

  • Fort Collins
  • Colorado Springs
  • Boulder

Below, we will list the reasons why these places are attractive. In case you decide to take this step, know that our long distance movers Denver can assist you.

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Colorado’s population is growing each year

Why are residents flocking to Fort Collins?

Fort Collins is a medium size Colorado city, with 166,000 inhabitants. It is located in Larimer County, only a short drive away from Denver. The main reason why people move in favor of this place is its great connection to nature. Even though Denver has many parks, it is nowhere close to Fort Collins. Fossil Creek Park and Twin Silo Park are favorites among kids and adults alike, but there are also numerous nature and wildlife areas around – Coyote Ridge Natural Area for example. If you want to experience this kind of life, our Fort Collins movers are only a call away!

Why is Colorado Springs a top choice?

Housing prices have skyrocketed in the past year, forcing many people to move in search of more affordable options. Denver, like other big cities, has housing prices high above the national average. In search of affordability, Colorado Springs is a top choice in Colorado. With a median home value of $324,000 and average rent of $1,300, it is one of the most affordable places in the state. It is a great place to buy real estate and settle, seeing as a considerable part of the 475,000 people are families. Public schools and diversity are also highly rated, so it makes it a perfect place if you want to escape the big city lifestyle.

Why are residents choosing Boulder?

At only 27 miles from downtown Denver, Boulder is one of the closest escapes. Even though housing prices are almost double as high as in Denver, people still decide to move here. It is so good that it ranks as the 20th best place to raise a family in the country! What really makes Boulder special is the spacious feel that it offers and the proximity to Denver. Commuting is easy, and entertainment is also a short drive away. If you move with our moving companies in Boulder CO you will have the best of both worlds.

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If you are wondering where are Denver residents moving to, the answer is close by

Where are Denver residents moving to – final thoughts

Moving always happens for a reason, and the people that are leaving Denver in favor of these cities have good reasons to do so. We are leaving in uncertain times, so many people decide to settle and not have to depend on anyone for anything. These places offer security of some kind, whether by being close to nature or giving people opportunities to afford real estate. We hope to have answered your question about where are Denver residents moving to and wish you good luck if you decide to move as well!

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