Who is leaving Colorado and why

Who is leaving Colorado and why is important information to understand when thinking about the relocation process. This can give you a good overview of Colorado and if it might be the right state for you. Now, regardless of whether you are moving to or from it, you can count on our Colorado moving company to assist you with the relocation process. So are you ready to look at some information? Here are some of the main reasons people started leaving Colorado.

Who is leaving Colorado and why? Here’s the demographic

When leaving a state, there will surely be reasons for it. Even if Colorado recorded more people moving to it, in the last few years, there has been a negative trend in Colorado. But who are the people that have been leaving it? The majority of people that are calling the interstate moving companies in Denver are usually very young and older people. The younger generation is mostly the people who just finished college and are looking for professional opportunities. On the other hand, a good amount of seniors have left Colorado. The 60+ people are looking for their new homes, and Colorado is not something they feel at their best anymore.

A senior drinking tea
Who is leaving Colorado and why? Retirees tend to move out

What are the main reasons for people to leave Colorado?

After we mentioned the people that moved out of Colorado the most, it will be easier to identify reasons for leaving the state. Of course, for everyone, their reasons will be personal. However, there are some major ones that you can expect to stand out. So what’s the main reason to call the long distance movers in Colorado and leave the state? There are plenty, and they will range anywhere from financials to opportunities. Let’s take a look at the main reasons, such as:

  • Weather
  • High cost of living
  • Job opportunities
  • Retirement
  • Cost of housing
  • Being close to family

Weather can be one of the main reasons for many to leave

Colorado is a combination of high elevation and continental interior. That’s why most of the state is dry and cold. Of course, besides the Rocky Mountains. However, the major parts of the state are generally cold. That’s one of the reasons that retirees are choosing to leave Colorado. For that reason, the movers in Aurora CO are more and more active with seniors when it comes to moving out than to the area. And who can blame them? With a lot of snow and a cold climate, people choose states that are warmer.

The high cost of living will have a big impact

The cost of living has become higher and higher overall in the US. And Colorado is generally no exception to it. For that reason, many people have been choosing to move somewhere else where they have somewhat lower costs. The average cost of living in Colorado is around $46,000 per year. And the state had a constant rise in the cost of living for more than five years. That’s why both young and old are looking for alternatives. After all, people want to enjoy their salaries and their retirement without giving almost all of their income to basics.

Career and job opportunities make people leave Colorado

For the majority of young professionals, job opportunities are important. And if you look at Colorado, there are plenty of opportunities where you can find a job. However, you need to keep in mind that the majority of people leave the state of Colorado to ensure that they have a better salary and a state where they have to give out less of it for necessities. A career move is on the list, even if Colorado has a pretty strong economy. The problem is that other states will offer a better ratio between the cost of living and the work they have to offer.

Two people shaking hands
Many people move out because of job opportunities

Many leave because of retirement

As we mentioned at the start, retirement is one of the main reasons for moving out of Colorado. And the seniors are a big chunk of the people that have been exiting the state. The colder weather is a problem for the majority of seniors. That’s why retirees choose warmer weather states and places where that won’t present such a big issue. Add to it the cheaper cost of living and housing, and you will have a reason why plenty of retirees move out of the state. Combine weather, finances, and other details, and you can see why people are leaving the state.

The cost of homes and rent are better in other states

Even the locals that have been in Colorado for decades have noticed that the prices of housing have been going up. and higher and faster than some other states. So when you ask who is leaving Colorado and why, you can’t exclude people that have it expensive in the state. The median home price is around $530,000, which is around 50% of the US average home price. Rent can vary from $1,400 to $2,750 depending if it’s a studio apartment to a four-bedroom apartment.

Living close to family is universally a reason why people leave

Usually, the number one reason for people to move out will be close to family, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, this isn’t something to do with Colorado. However, plenty of the people in the state have families outside it. The majority of people that list reasons will mention their families as their number one reason to leave the state. Overall, it’s not a reason everyone looks at when looking at statistics, but it’s still important to mention it as one of the top reasons.

A daughter sipping juice for her mother
Many choose to relocate because they want to be close to their families

Having information is always a good way to solve your problems

We hope that our article on who is leaving Colorado and why can give you a much better insight into what’s going on. From retirees to young professionals, everyone has their own reason why they decided to leave Colorado. For more information about the state of Colorado and generally great moving advice, make sure to explore our blog.





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