Why is relocating to Colorado so appealing?

As a state that changes rapidly, people from all over the country are relocating to Colorado. In the last five years, The Centennial State experienced faster population growth than ever before. El Paso County and Denver are the most common destinations for newcomers, with Greeley’s Weld County right by their side. However, the small rural counties like Costilla County in Southern Colorado also have a growth of new residents.  Here is what Home Grown Moving Company thinks what are the main reasons why people are flocking to Colorado and calling it their new home.

Denver is becoming a city of cranes

A trip to Colorado’s capital will show you the population growth first hand. When you’re relocating to Denver, you will immediately notice why this city has become the 4th most cranes among major cities in the United States. One of the hotspots for new constriction that is changing the whole skyline in the downtown. However, a number of suburbs and other neighborhoods are also experiencing extreme growth of the new housing options.

Denver is keeping up with the time, and besides skyscrapers, it also invests in the construction of amenities, roads, recreation centers, and all other facilities necessary for pleasant living.  If your plan is to move to Denver, take into consideration the construction sites in the area. Some streets may be blocked at a certain time of the day because of the construction work. Hiring interstate movers Denver who have experience in moving between these two states will take this worry off your mind.

Denver panorama
Denver is growing rapidly 

Economic growth is one of the main reasons why many are relocating to Colorado

Over the last few years. some stats show that Colorado has some of the highest GDP growth in the entire country. In fact, the state has the fourth fastest-growing economy in the nation. While slowing slightly from 2015 when economic growth was at 3.6%, in 2018 its employment growth was up over 2.4%. These statistics are a major contributor and one of the main reasons why many people are relocating to Colorado.

The primary industries over the last couple of years were:

  • Construction
  • Information
  • Wholesale trade
  • Service sector

Job opportunities

Many millennials and young professionals are relocating to Colorado because of its great carrier opportunities. Due to the thriving economic growth, the state has become a fantastic place to find a job quickly and easily. It is the number 2 state in the country for most attractive states for employment and #1 for job opportunities. 

The Colorado job market is growing fast and more consistently than in the last 20 years. Denver is the “brightest spot” due to vast jobs availability in numerous sectors.  Since the city is constantly growing and modernizing, the need for employees is at a high level. The low unemployment rate and abundant job offering mean that you have no problem finding employment after you move to Colorado. Also, if you’re contemplating what is the hire commercial movers Denver and move your business to Colorado, the economic climate is perfect at this moment.

business couple
You will have no trouble finding work in Colorado

Lifestyle is also high on the list of reasons why relocating to Colorado is so appealing

Due to a very active lifestyle, Colorado ranks in the top 10 healthiest states in the country with very low obesity rates. Which isn’t surprising since it’s surrounded by mountains and spectacular nature.

The lifestyle here is active, but it isn’t so stressful and busy. Not even in Denver where the pace of living is faster but doesn’t exit the line of comfort. People are warm and very open to newcomers. You won’t have to make elaborate strategies for meeting your new neighbors – they will come to introduce themselves, probably bringing the tray of brownies. You will feel right at home just days after you move here.

Overall, the entire state has a strong sense of community and a small-town feel. With all the modern amenities that increase the quality of life, that is already at a very high level.

Plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy all year round

Colorado truly has astonishing and breathtaking nature. For both summer and winter lovers to enjoy. During the warm weather, nothing is better than the cooling dip into one of its numerous lakes. Besides swimming, there’s fishing, canoeing, and other water sports to keep your fun level at its highest. Winter brings many joys since surrounding mountains transform into the fields of entertainment. You can enjoy all snow sports in some of Colorado’s numerous mountain resorts. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and other fun activities are within your reach.

However, spring and autumn are providing the same amount of fun. There is an abundance of hiking trails, camping sites, paths throw the woods, and picnic areas you can explore. The best thing is that rain probably won’t disrupt your plans. Thanks to the climate, the chances of rain are very low. Sunny and clear skies are a common sight so you can have a great outdoor experience almost every day of the year.

a person skiing
You will have plenty of options to enjoy outdoor activities

Should you move to Colorado?

Thanks to its robust economic growth, The Centennial State is a land of opportunity. With beautiful nature all around it is also a gorgeous place to live in. Colorado’s natural attractions like the Garden of the Gods and Mesa Verde National Park, are not only breathtaking but also provide a lot of entertainment.

Real estate values are reasonable, the job market is thriving, and the living costs are affordable. It is one of the best states to live in, but don’t be hasty. While it is perfect for some, it might not be quite suitable for you. Do thorough research and evaluate your finances before you make a final decision. And of course, get free moving estimates from several companies to find the best deal. If you can, spend a few days in the place that interests you. That will be the best indicator will you like living there and is the relocation to Colorado the best decision for you.

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